The world is full of energy. Everything is composed of energy and vibrates at a specific unique frequency. As beings also composed of energy we are prone to giving off and taking in energy. There are many spiritual gifts that involve receiving the energy from nature and from other people, but sometimes the gift can become a hindrance. Protection and control of this gift is recommended. Outside energy, thoughts, and people can interfere with a person's personal power. One of the most basic and often recommended forms of protection from outside energy and influence is shielding. Shielding is a technique of using your mind through your imagination, your energy, and your will to create a energetic barrier that protects you from outside influences.

Shielding can protect your emotional body, your mental body, and your physical body. Like a magic circle, it crafts and creates a lock and key for your safety. Shielding also allows you to take a pause in a charged environment when your thoughts or emotions could be out of control. Shielding is a very simple technique but like any technique it will be harder for some and easier for others. The more you practice the easier it will be.

Shielding Technique

Stand or sit and close your eyes. Keep your hands in front of you palms facing each other with 6 inches between them. With your eyes closed visualize a small glowing orb between your hands. The orb can be any color or energy you like. If it is easier to imagine a sensation or a material try to picture the orb as one of the elements. Visualize the orb pulsating in time with your breathing. With every breath in it glows brighter and with every exhale grows a little bit bigger. Take in a deep breath, feel all of your energy pulled inwards. As you exhale slowly imagine the orb growing bigger and bigger until it surrounds you completely. Breath normally. Relax and hold the visualization of the orb surrounding you. As you visualize, imagine the orb solidifying around you. It hardens and becomes impenetrable. Take one last breath and open your eyes.

Shielding can be done in the beginning of each day or whenever you feel the need. It can be particularly helpful to people who have strong empathic gifts or even psychic sponges (also known as psychic vampires). Through shielding, you can protect yourself from giving off or receiving too much energy.

Shielding and Warding

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