Lourde's Alchemy Shoppe

crystals, athame, books, jewelry, tarot cards, handmade candles, hand dipped incense

Pheonix Community Projects - Derek Gressman

​Tarot Reeder and Spiritual Advisor

Runes, Bone Readings, Tarot,  Clairvoyant Plus many products such as Balms, salves, herbs, Gri Gri Bags, custom spells & more!

Tarot Connections

Lenormand and playing card reading; divination with cards (not Rider Waite nor Thoth)

Earthbound Coven:  

Pendants,charms,apothecary jars,staffs,walking sticks,ect.

Readings by Elemental Traditions

Receive guidance from the Universe and your personal guides through the use of Tarot. Or, choose an aura reading to receive a hand drawn outline of the current colors surrounding you and interpretation of their meaning.

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Enchanted Gypsy Caravan hand made native american items such as smudging fans worthy of any ceremonial ritual. Staves, jewelry, unique natural items, and a line of beautiful boxes for different occasions such as memory boxes,  etch.

 Lady Rayvn Myst Readings by stones, bones and cards. I do a full 12 card reading for their up coming year and what to expect. I then use the stones, and bones to find challenges and helper spirits for the coming year.

Lane Glo Bowling

Michael Cavidini : Runes 
Jean Setarah: Scrying with Crystal Ball, Palmistry 
Shay Veasey: Akashic Records

Laveau's Soaps, Lotions

Laveau's sells and makes soaps, floor washes, spell salt, Spiritual baths,candles & more. 

West Central Florida Pagan Alliance has teamed up with Venom's Back Room Bar & Grill located at 7430 US Highway 19, New Port Richey, Florida 34652 for a Psychic Fair!

Have a Tarot, Tea Leaf , Bone, Rune and Aura reading done. 

Get your chakras re-aligned. 

Shop for wares from our assortment of vendors. 

Then stay for dinner from their awesome menu, have a few drinks, try a few of the special "brews" made just for the event and then enjoy live entertainment by Mama Gina!

Mama Gina is a Bard and Fearless Storyteller who travels the country, strumming her 12 string acoustic, tapping frame drum and djembe, and singing her truth with a side of blues.  CDs, bumper stickers and Mama Gina's high vibe, recycled guitar string bangles will be available for purchase.  www.mamaginamusic.com