Lane Glo Bowling

Tarot Connections

Lenormand and playing card reading; divination with cards (not Rider Waite nor Thoth)

Readings by Elemental Traditions

Receive guidance from the Universe and your personal guides through the use of Tarot. Or, choose an aura reading to receive a hand drawn outline of the current colors surrounding you and interpretation of their meaning.

Michael Cavidini : Runes 
Jean Setarah: Scrying with Crystal Ball, Palmistry 
Shay Veasey: Akashic Records

Earthbound Coven:  

Pendants,charms,apothecary jars,staffs,walking sticks,ect.

 Lady Rayvn Myst Readings by stones, bones and cards. I do a full 12 card reading for their up coming year and what to expect. I then use the stones, and bones to find challenges and helper spirits for the coming year.

Enchanted Gypsy Caravan hand made native american items such as smudging fans worthy of any ceremonial ritual. Staves, jewelry, unique natural items, and a line of beautiful boxes for different occasions such as memory boxes,  etch.

Lourde's Alchemy Shoppe

crystals, athame, books, jewelry, tarot cards, handmade candles, hand dipped incense

Pheonix Community Projects - Derek Gressman

​Tarot Reeder and Spiritual Advisor

West Central Florida Pagan Alliance has teamed up with Venom's Back Room Bar & Grill located at 7430 US Highway 19, New Port Richey, Florida 34652 for a Psychic Fair!

Have a Tarot, Tea Leaf , Bone, Rune and Aura reading done. 

Get your chakras re-aligned. 

Shop for wares from our assortment of vendors. 

Then stay for dinner from their awesome menu, have a few drinks, try a few of the special "brews" made just for the event and then enjoy live entertainment by Mama Gina!

Mama Gina is a Bard and Fearless Storyteller who travels the country, strumming her 12 string acoustic, tapping frame drum and djembe, and singing her truth with a side of blues.  CDs, bumper stickers and Mama Gina's high vibe, recycled guitar string bangles will be available for purchase.

Laveau's Soaps, Lotions

Laveau's sells and makes soaps, floor washes, spell salt, Spiritual baths,candles & more. 

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Runes, Bone Readings, Tarot,  Clairvoyant Plus many products such as Balms, salves, herbs, Gri Gri Bags, custom spells & more!