Letters from the President

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Greetings Members!

As most of you know, Florida Pagan Alliance's main objective and mission is to foster a loving community both within the Pagan community itself and with the non-pagan public as well.   

By providing public classes & workshops, securing worship locations, building bonds between various organizations, assisting in various charity organizations for animals and our less fortunate brothers and sisters, and encouraging social interaction year round between festivals, we strive to strengthen the community as a whole.

This includes promoting all local events and activities of interest to our members, both magickal and mundane, and supporting local businesses as well as online pagan-interest businesses.

To do this we are working hard to build strong relationships with other area organizations, covens, festivals, businesses and groups.  We work to ensure that our members have articles and information about as many options in the west central Florida area as possible, including featuring other groups, covens, businesses and organizations in our newsletter, website, etc. 

Unfortunately, there are times where we cannot find the right parties to contact.  Emails or phone numbers are discontinued, or perhaps new leadership is not yet updated, etc.  Sometimes it's even something as simple as a mis-spelling of an email address.   
There are so many groups out there that we wish to reach out to and help build the bonds of our Pagan Family and overall community.  

If anyone has contact information for another group, coven, organization, business or festival that we do not regularly feature on our website, Facebook pages or Newsletter, that may be interested in working together on this same mission, please reach out to us or provide them with our information. (email: contact@westcentralflpagans.com) 
In 2016 we have built treasured relationships with FPG/TEG, Spirit of Life UU, Hands of the Goddess, Community of Consciousness, Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique, The Eccentric Muse, IDR Center, Alchemy & Ashes, Gypsy Apothecary, Raven and Crone, Amity Elements, Pagan Chocolates, Wiccan Place, KMB Technical Services, Brotherhood of the Spear,GreenSong Grove, Community of Many/Trees of Avalon Gathering, Pasco Pagans and OCR.  

That's a pretty wonderful and successful accomplishment since we have "officially" only been in existence as West Central Florida Pagan Alliance and a full non-profit organization since May 11, 2016.   All of this would not have been possible without the dedication of not only our Board of Directors, but each of those named groups and YOU - our members. 

So to our BOD members, sponsors, partners, supporters and our Members - Thank YOU for all of your support.  We look forward to a fantastic 2017 as we work with all of these wonderful organizations and continue building Unity within our Community.

Brightest Blessings,

Michele W, President/Founder