Intro to Paganism & Witchcraft

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Introduction to Paganism & Witchcraft - A series of 6 workshops offering a broad overview of Pagan and Earth Based Spirituality beliefs and Witchcraft.  These workshops can be purchased singularly or in a 6 week package .  Price is per workshop is $7.  Full 6 workshop package is $30.

Florida Pagan Alliance Membersmay attend at a discounted rate of $4 per workshop and $20 for the 6 workshop package.  (Membership ID is required)


Late Registrants:  If you register late for classes 2-6 or 3-6 I will provide you with the documentation from classes 1/2 that were missed, however no documentation will be provided for past classes if you only register for single or 4-6 classes.  While this documentation will have basics of what was covered, it may not have every bit of information as if you had been in class.

Paganism is a broad term that encompasses many different paths. Witchcraft is practiced in many traditions and is not solely part of Paganism.  This workshop is an introduction to various beliefs, ethics, and practices of modern day Pagans, as well as the basic practices of modern Witchcraft.

The materials will include information regarding various paths; the differences between Pagans, Wiccans and Witches; and basic teachings that apply to all paths.  This workshop is open to participation by members of any religious faith or practices.

Workshop schedule is 1 PM to 3 PM on each of the following dates in 2017:

Saturday, Jan 14 
General Characteristics of Paganism
Saturday, Jan 28 
Various Pagan Paths & Deities - Part 1
Saturday, Feb 11
Various Pagan Paths & Deities - Part 2
Saturday, Feb 25 
Magick & Witchcraft
Saturday, Mar 11 
Basic Tools & Practices
Saturday, Mar 25 
Ethics and Personal Responsibility

Location:  Alchemy & Ashes - A Vintage Emporium

Space is limited, therefore pre-registration is recommended.  Refunds are not available after Jan 10th.