Gavin Frost (November 20, 1930 – September 11, 2016), B.Sc., PhD, D.D.,[1][2] was an occult author, a Wiccan Priest, a doctor of Physics and Mathematics, and a prominent member of the American Wiccan community. He founded the Church and School of Wicca with his wife Yvonne Frost in 1968, and was the Archbishop of the Church of Wicca and a director of the School of Wicca. He and his wife have written several books on magic, Wicca, and related subjects such as The Magic Power of Witchcraft.

While much controversy existed over his book The Witch's Bible and even caused a divide within the Pagan Community, we still must acknowledge the loss of a wise Elder within our community.   His contributions will forever be honored and remembered.

In Loving Memory 

Those that are gone but never forgotten

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​Beloved one, you are gone but not alone.
We are here with you, our ancestors await your arrival.
You go from love into love.
Carry with you only love.
May our love carry you and open the way.