Hands of the Goddess - FL

 Hands of the Goddess

West Central Florida Pagan Alliance donated the baked goods that went unsold from our bake sale on 11/13/16 to Hands of the Goddess to distribute to the folks at Impact Ministries. There were lots of smiling faces.  We are so thrilled to hear they were appreciated and helped people enjoy special treats they may not normally have!

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For More ways to support Hands of the Goddess - FL please visit their website http://www.handsofthegoddess.webs.com/

 Helping Each Other to Help Others

The individuals who make up the collective organization of Hands of the Goddess are working together to help each other, as well as those individuals and organizations who welcome and are needful of our assistance. They enlisti friends and friends of friends in the area somewhat local to the New Port Richey, Florida vicinity who are interested in helping each other by using their collective skills, talents, wits, and magick to create a semi-cohesive community which is more capable of sustaining itself because of those who are willing to act as Hands of the Goddess to and for each other.

The primary goal of Hands of the Goddess is to help meet the needs of the homeless and at-risk of our community in Pasco County through regularly-scheduled homeless outreach activities. Hands of the Goddess partners with various agencies, groups, businesses, and individuals in an effort to improve the lives of those most in-need in our community both through donations of goods directly to those individuals, and by working hands-on to provide individuals facing crisis situation with needed services when and where appropriate.

West Central Florida Pagan Alliance is honored to be one of these contributors to such a crucial cause for our local community.