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Esbats are celebrations and meetings timed to the new and full moons. Usually orchestrated by covens, an Esbat is a monthly or bi-monthly meeting to discuss, train, and bond. Each full moon is given a title and has its own associations for the particular moon. Just as Sabbats come with their own energies and vibrations, so too do the moons. Even the moon phases carry their own energies. 

At Esbats there is usually a ritual in called Drawing Down the Moon. This ritual is the central rite involved in Esbats. In Drawing Down the Moon, a practitioner takes in the energy of the moon. The ritual is simple and direct. The Witches Collective Book of Shadows contains two rituals for the moons. One of Full Moon and another for New Moon. Feel free to try them and experience their energies.

New Moon
Rises at dawn, sets at sunset; for full use of these energies, stick to between this time period.
Moon is exact from the new moon until 3 1/2 days after.
Workings: beauty, health, self-improvement, farms/gardens, job hunting, love/romance, networking, and creative ventures
Purpose: Beginnings
Pagan Holiday: Winter Solstice
Goddess Name: Rosemerta’s Moon
Goddess Energy: Goddesses of growth
Offering: Milk and Honey
Theme: Abundance
Rune: Fehu for abundance, Kenaz for openings, Gebo for love
Tarot Trump: the Fool

Rises at mid-morning, sets after sunset; best magickal effects between these times.
Moon is 3 1/2 to 7 days after new moon.
Purpose: the movement of the thing
Pagan Holiday: Imbolc
Goddess Name: Brigid’s Moon
Goddess Energy: water goddesses
Offering: Candles
Theme: Manifestation
Rune: Berkana for beginnings, Inguz for focus
Tarot Trump: The Magician

First Quarter
Moon rises at noon, sets at midnight; best effects between these times
Moon is 7-10 1/2 days after new moon
Workings: courage, elemental magick, friends, luck, and motivation.
Purpose: The shape of the thing
Pagan Holiday: Spring Equinox
Goddess Name: Persephone’s Moon
Goddess Energy: air goddesses
Offering: Feathers
Theme: Luck
Runes: Elhaz for luck, Jera for improvement, Uruz for strength
Tarot card: Strength or the Star

Moon rises in mid-afternoon, sets around 3 am; best effects between these times
Moon is 10 1/2 -14 days after new moon
Workings: courage, patience, peace, and harmony
Purpose: details
Pagan Holiday: Beltane
Goddess Name: Nuit’s Moon
Goddess Energy: star goddesses
Offering: Ribbons
Theme: Perfection
Runes: Ansuz for eloquence, Wunjo for success, Daguz for enlightenment

Moon rises at sunset, sets at dawn; best effects between these times
Moon is 14-17 1/2 days after the new moon
Workings: artistic endeavors, beauty, health, fitness, change, decisions, children, competition, dreams, families, knowledge, legal undertakings, love, romance, money, motivation, protection, psychic power, self-improvement.
Purpose: completion of a project
Pagan Holiday: Summer Solstice
Goddess Name: Sekhmet’s Moon
Goddess Energy: fire goddesses
Offering: flowers
Theme: Power
Rune: Sowilo
Tarot Card: the Sun

Moon rising at mid-evening, sets at mid-morning; best effects between these times
Moon is 3 1/2-7 days after the full moon.
Workings: addictions, decisions, divorce, emotions, stress, protection
Purpose: initial destruction
Pagan Holiday: Lammas
Goddess Name: Hecate’s Moon
Goddess Energy: earth goddesses
Offering: grain or rice
Theme: reassessment
Rune: Thurisaz for destruction and defense, Elhaz for protection,
Tarot Trump: The Tower for destruction

Last Quarter
Moon rises at midnight and sets at noon; best effects between these times
Moon is 7-10 1/2 days after the full moon.
Workings: Addictions, divorce, endings, health and healing (banishing), stress, protection, and ancestors.
Purpose: Absolute destruction
Pagan Holiday: Fall Equinox
Goddess Name: The Morrigan’s Moon
Goddess Energy: harvest goddesses
Offering: Incense
Theme: Banishing
Rune: hagalaz, kenaz for banishing, Naudhiz for turning, Isa for binding
Tarot Trump: Judgement

Moon rises at 3 am and sets at mid-afternoon, best effects between these times
Moon is 10 1/2-14 days after the full moon
Workings: addictions, change, divorce, enemies, justice, obstacles, quarrels, removal, separation, stopping stalkers and theft.
Purpose: Rest
Pagan Holiday: Samhain
Goddess Name: Kali’s Moon
Goddess Energy: Dark goddesses
Offering: honesty
Theme: Justice
Runes: Tiwaz for justice, Kenaz for banishing
Tarot Trump: Justice