Community not competition Initiative


Participation in the Community not competition Initiative is free to all organizations, groups,  and covens.  Additionally, local businesses may also participate by providing services, donations, benefits to FPA Members, hosting events, or by holding to the same values as the Florida Pagan Alliance, it's mission and the Community not Competition Initiative.

Participants understand that the Community not competition Initiative is a registered program under Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc's non-profit mission and a measurable program under its 501c3 performance.

Participants may not create any merchandise utilizing the Community not Competition Initiative, its likeness, logo or any misleading depiction thereof.

All Community not Competition merchandise must be obtained through Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc.

  • Merchandise may be purchased at a discount and re-sold at the same retail rate sold to the public by FPA

Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc reserves all rights associated with the Community not competition Initiative Program.  Failure to adhere to it's mission and purpose is grounds for removal from the program.

Copyright 2016. West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.

Knowing there was so much more we could do for the community as a whole, recognizing that we all have similar missions and visions for the future of the community, and acknowledging that we are much stronger together, the initiative knew there was much more to do!  Some organizations and groups within the community that were supporters have moved on to become Participants in the Initiative, and agree to attend, host and communicate with the one another in order to strengthen the community as a whole.

Lane Glo Bowling

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