Phase 2 - Open Discussion Panels

​Feedback from the community is of utmost importance to the Community not competition Initiative.  Each of the organizations and groups involved are here because of and at the service of the members of the community.   Therefore listening to the community is a key element to the success of the Initiative.

Various open discussion panels will be held throughout the State of Florida, with as many group leaders as possible in attendance.  Each discussion panel will welcome everyone in the community to attend.   The panels will be made up of community organization, group and/or supporting business leaders.  While all organization leaders may not be able to attend every panel, they each will hold panels open to the entire community and share that feedback between organizations. 

At the discussion panels, attendees may ask questions, make suggestions, share their ideas, and even voice concerns.  The panel may also include a picnic, pot luck or other socialization event in order to strengthen the community bonds and allow for members to get to know one another.

After the discussion panel is completed, questions, suggestions, ideas and concerns will be shared with all community organization and group leadership so that the entire community can be involved.  These organizations and groups will then work together to find solutions, come up with ideas and help one another implement changes.

Additionally, updates will be kept on this website and may be found on various Initiative Participant sites.  The Florida Pagan Alliance will also share this information quarterly with it's members via their Quarterly Newsletter, The Cauldron.

How are discussion panels set up?

It's easy!  A Participant in the Community not competition Initiative schedules a date, time and location of the panel.  They will then advise Florida Pagan Alliance of their event, create a facebook event, and add it to the Pagan Community Calendar.  

Florida Pagan Alliance will then help to promote the event, advise all members of the Initiative of the upcoming event and request the attendance of as many organizational and group leaders as possible.  

After the event is completed, the hosting participant will then send detailed information of the panel discussions, number of community members in attendance and the names of the organizations or groups that were represented on the panel.  They also can send over a short paragraph describing the event and it's impact on community growth, as well as a photo or two.  This information will be shared on the website as well as between the organizations.  

This is awesome!  How can I hold an open forum for my group? 

Visit Participant Requirements section on this website.  Become a member of the Initiative and submit a request to hold a discussion panel.

What does it cost for my group, coven, grove, organization, festival or business to join?
Nothing!  Participation is free in the Initiative, so is listing on our Community Not Competition annual t-shirt.  Just be a participant in the greater community by adhereing to the Participation Requirements to the best of your ability.

I don't represent a group but I am a member of the community.  I can't attend the open discussion panel but I really want to share my thoughts.

We still want to hear from you!  You can always submit your ideas, concerns, opinions, or suggestions online 24 hours a day with our submission form, below.  You can even choose to be anonymous.  CLICK HERE

Community not competition Initiative

Lane Glo Bowling

Knowing there was so much more we could do for the community as a whole, recognizing that we all have similar missions and visions for the future of the community, and acknowledging that we are much stronger together, the initiative knew there was much more to do!  Some supporters have moved on to become participants in the Initiative, and agree to attend, host and communicate with the one another in order to strengthen the community as a whole.

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