The groups, organizations and businesses supporting the initiative know that there is so much more to do.  The community groups and organizations involved in Phase 1 of the Initiative also have the option of participating in Phase 2 and becoming participants.  

So What's Phase 2?

Phase 2 - Open Discussion Panels

Phase 1

  • Community Not Competition T-Shirt
  • Community Not Competition Wrist Bands

Phase 2


Community not competition Initiative

The Community not competition Initiative quickly became an alliance of 29 various businesses, organizations and groups all with the same ideals, visions and missions within the community.  With that a t-shirt design was created to promote a strong sense of community by listing all of the supporters of the Initiative.

This new T-shirt was released on January 29, 2017.  They are available online for $15 each (plus $5 shipping fee applies)

Lane Glo Bowling

Step 1 of the initiative was a great success!  Members from all groups now have these shirts available to them and are being worn throughout the west central Florida area.  Our goal is to have this shirt become an annual production - each year featuring more and more members of our community!  

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