Community not competition Initiative Supporters 2018

Lane Glo Bowling

The Community not competition Initiative was founded by Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc. in January, 2017.   It is a program put into place under their 501c3 and mission plans and is included in their measurable performance under full transparency.  What began as a small idea - has become a community wide initiative.

Florida Pagan Alliance's goal is to unify the community, both Pagan and non-pagan, build the bridges between communities through developing ways to work together towards common goals, educate the Pagan and non-pagan public on Paganism, Witchcraft, and Earth based spirituality, and foster a tolerant and loving community.  A concept shared by many.

This mission is reflected in Florida Pagan Alliance's trademarked logo design by signifying the multiple groups interlocking with one another in one solid community.

Their first step was to reach out to as many businesses, groups and organizations within the Pagan and pagan-supportive community to encourage them to participate.

With 29 various businesses, organizations and groups on board, a T-shirt design was created to promote a strong sense of community and provide advertising to all of the local businesses and groups.  This new T-shirt was released on January 29, 2017 and sold over 150 copies!  

Each year a new shirt is released with the current members of the Initiative.  As the Initiative continues to grow, so does the community as a whole, bringing Unity to the Community.

Want to be a part of the Initiative?  CLICK HERE 

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Community not competition Initiative