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As most of you know, the Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc hosts the Community not competition Initiative which has a primary focus on building unity with the community.

Upon signing into the Community not competition Initiative, businesses, covens, organizations, groups, churches and festivals agree to support the community, support other members of the Initiative, work together in good faith effort to ensure overlapping dates are avoided, as well as communicating with other groups should an unavoidable conflict arise. Each Initiative member agrees to the guidelines outlined specifically by the Community not Competition Initiative at the time of sign up.

Florida Pagan Alliance has an obligation to the community and its supporters to ensure compliance with the Initiative for all who enroll, as well as a responsibility to inform them whenever there is an issue.

Each of the festival groups have posted their dates in advance for up to 5 years on either our event calendar, their own websites, or both. This allows vendors, performers, teachers, etc the ability to confirm availability for each festival, as well as helps aid the community in scheduling attendance to as many festivals as possible.

It has been brought to our attention by several vendors, entertainers, festival groups/organizations that are part of the Community not competition Initiative, as well as individuals in the community, that there was a lack of compliance with the Initiative on the part of TEG/FPG.

TEG/FPG changed the dates of their upcoming festival for Samhain 2018 to conflict with another festival that already had those dates confirmed for well over a year. While things can happen that could cause this kind of issue, it has been confirmed that their original dates could have been adhered to, and there was no attempt made to communicate with either the other festival or directly with the Florida Pagan Alliance in order to work out an amicable solution.

It is our responsibility to investigate the allegations brought to us by our Initiative members and community, as the ones who manage and founded the Community not competition Initiative. Additionally the Florida Pagan Alliance's mission is to ultimately serve the community as a whole and this issue affects it directly.

During this investigation, we have noted that all of the dates for Samhain for the next 5 years were changed by TEG/FPG to conflict with another festival/member of the Initiative, when previously they did not and had worked out avoiding overlap previously.

After carefully looking into details and gathering facts from the venue location, community members, vendors, entertainers and other members of the Initiative, the Florida Pagan Alliance has found that TEG/FPG is in direct violation of the Community not competition Initiative. The conflicting dates could have been avoided and were done with what appears to be perceived as malicious intent.

Several vendors have had to choose between festivals, which in essence has damaged their way of living by removing one festival from their lineup; headliners are now being forced to choose which festival to perform at; and lastly, many members of the community have come forward with great disappointment that they now must choose between festivals instead of being able to enjoy them both.

We are saddened by the perceived display of lack of care and support for the community and lack of respect for all of it's members shown by Temple of Earth Gathering's failure to communicate and cooperate with the community that is responsible for its past success.

By not working with the community or within the Initiative guidelines, TEG/FPG has caused unnecessary tension within the community as a whole.

It is our determination, based soley upon facts, that Temple of Earth Gathering/Florida Pagan Gathering is in direct violation of the Community not competition Initiative and has been removed from it effective today.

on behalf of the entire Board of Directors and Community not competition Initiative members

Michele W, President/Founder 

Letters from the President