Letters from the President

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Greetings Members!

Well, we just spent 4 days out at Trees of Avalon Gathering by Community of Many out at Community of Consciousness's beautiful property in Hudson, FL.

Community of Consciousness
Just 1 year ago, Nick and Lorelei Melfi began their hunt for a place where they could provide host for festivals, teach classes, and a place for our community to grow on. After all of the hunting, planning, number crunching, etc. their dream has become a reality. 

Community of Consciousness is acres of beautiful landscape featuring primitive camping, spiritual fire circle, and a fantastic place to find oneness with nature. Nick and Lorelei have worked very hard to manifest this magickal place. Many of their friends, family and community have all stepped up to contribute over the last few months. And this past weekend, the doors opened for their very first major event.

Trees of Avalon Gathering, by Community of Many. 
Just under 2 years ago, I personally, heard about this vision of a festival. One committed to serving our community of Pagans from all over. They believed that our children deserve to receive the history of our past in order to continue our future. A place where our elders can share their knowledge with all and lead to stronger future generations by maintaining our old ways.

After a lot of hard work and determination, this vision conjured by Tina Miller Jesko, Mystrel, Melodie Smith, Melanie Schnell, Donnie, and all of the community members that shared in their vision, stepped up and sowed the planted seeds. The Trees of Avalon blossomed into far more than the founders imagined. There was a strong sense of community and a great energy throughout the entire festival. Their modest staff pitched in beyond expectation to ensure that every detail could be handled to the best of their ability. While there were the occasional bumps and hiccups that come with any festival, they were open to any and all suggestions, feedback, compliments and criticism. They took note of all of these and have already started on a path to take them into consideration in making improvements which will only enhance this festival even further.

We are thrilled they have already announced plans for Samhain Nov 1-5th!  Stay up to date with their website at www.tagmeet.org

But most importantly there was a complete show of respect and honor to everyone by everyone, regardless if they had been friend, foe or stranger prior to the event. They truly showed their commitment to the Community not Competition Initiative.

West Central Florida Pagan Alliance looks forward to the many more festivals and activities that lie ahead by Community of Many and Community of Consciousness and wish them both many generations of success.

Brightest Blessings,

Michele W, President/Founder