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A Book of Shadows is a book containing religious texts and instructions for magical rituals.  Not all Pagans use a Book of Shadows, but most know exactly what one is.  Bear in mind that a BOS is considered a sacred tool, which means it is an item of power that should be consecrated with all of your other magical tools. In many traditions, it is believed you should copy spells and rituals into your BOS by hand – this will not only transfer energy to the writer, but it also helps you to memorize the contents. Typically a Pagan or Witch never shares this book with others, however it is typically passed down through generations.

The contents of your BOS are personal and vary from person to person, however there are some items that can be considered nearly universal.

* Laws of your coven or tradition, or just basic morals you adhere to
* A dedication (if you've been initiated into a coven or your personal dedication to a God/Goddess)
* Gods and Goddesses
* Correspondence Tables
* Sabbat Rituals
* Other Rituals
* Herbs
* Divination
* Sacred Texts
* Magical Recipes
* Spell Workings

The biggest dilemma with any Book of Shadows is how to keep it organized. You can use tabbed dividers, create an index at the back, or if you’re really super-organized, a table of contents in the front. As you study and learn more, you’ll have more information to include – this is why the three-ring binder is such a practical idea. Some people choose instead to use a simple bound notebook, and just add to the back of it as they discover new items.

If you find a rite, spell or piece of information somewhere else, be sure to note down the source. It will help you keep organized, and you'll start to recognize patterns in authors' works. You may also want to add a section that includes books you've read, as well as what you thought of them. This way, when you get a chance to share information with others, you'll remember what you've read.

This Book of Shadows - Educational Edition, is provided as a tool for learning

Educational Edition

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Book of Shadows