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Michele W, President/Founder

Michele started studying multiple types of religions by age 12, after noticing her Catholic grandmother had beliefs beyond what the church taught. Many years later she learned her family had roots in Stregheria, Free Masonry and Irish witchcraft. Michele has been fortunate to have studied among various spiritual paths and practices due to the broad range contacts throughout the country, including Voodou, Hoodou, Egyptian, Irish, and Ceremonial magick.  Taking a piece of each teaching along the way, she has been a practicing Witch for over 30 years. Recently, Michele embarked on an Elemental Journey of self-exploration. Her experiences led her to a path which branched off  with a choice between returning to Solitary practice or a much more complicated path, building a unified community and knowledge.  While the first path would have been must easier, she chose the 2nd and together, with the other founding members and Directors, the Florida Pagan Alliance was born.

Apryle P, Vice President/Founder/Secretary

Apryle is an Eclectic Pagan, practicing for 11 years. Apryle holds an affinity to the element of water and a special adoration of cats. Apryle volunteered during her residence in PA for the NonProfit Organization Community Angels animal rescue. Apryle is currently exploring her own Elemental Journey and provides her own visions to contribute to the success of West Central Florida Pagan Alliance.

Cricket D, Director  of Grievances

Cricket has been practicing for 29 years and is of Gardenarian Wiccan lineage with Native American traditions incorporated. She has been active in the community for 13 years and has served in the operation of Open Community Ritual. Her "straight up" approach in honesty and truth makes her an invaluable asset and perfect Director of Compliance and Grievances.

Christina F, Founder/Director of Educational Services
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Tina J, Director of Promotions

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