The West Central Florida Pagan Alliance commits to working within the local Pagan Community through action by:

  *  Fostering Pride in Pagan Identity by coordinating Pagan awareness  and other events to foster religious tolerance and understanding

  *  Provide links to other Pagan organizations and events on our Events Page of the website and via Social media

   * Providing educational materials to Pagans and non-pagans alike to help build religious tolerance and a loving community

    * Being active in charity and fundraising for the benefits of both the Pagan and Public community, such as food drives, toy drives, etc.
~note~ West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc. has no involvement in Legislative activism~



Our Elemental Foundation


The Element of Spirit, the Divine or Aether represents unification, magic, change,
transformation, and divinity.  Each of our mission steps lead down a pathway towards the ultimate goal of Unity.  It is that Spirit of Unity and the Divine that drives the dedication behind each volunteer within the West Central Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc.


The West Central Florida Pagan Alliance is a non profit run by volunteers, which promotes charity within the local community through:

*   Hosting free public events

*   Holds Charity drives for local non-profits that practice a non-discrimination policy on religious beliefs

*  Provide Charity Section with information about local non-profit organizations on the website

*  Support local and national non-profit organizations by allowing free booth spaces at events


The West Central Florida Pagan Alliance will provide Community through:

*  Coordinating and Hosting free, family friendly public events

*  Providing a positive atmosphere for the local community to communicate in a peaceful and tolerant environment in person and online

*  Support local economy by providing low cost vendor fees during public events and advertising.

*  Serve as a hub for local community by providing information about

       * Local Metaphysical shops

       * Pagan Covens and Groups

       * Community Events calendar with public gatherings, events and festivals

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reserves the right to refuse services, participation or membership for anyone at any time.
Florida Pagan Alliance, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit religious organization FEI/EIN #81-2658497

The West Central Florida Pagan Alliance will provide Education through conveying accurate information about Paganism and its spiritual pathways through:
*  Community workshops, discussion groups and rituals
*  Quarterly Pagan Newsletter
*  Social Media
*  Education section of website